Melvenn participates in the openMalaria project

When optimization really matters

Melvenn offers a 20% speed gain to the openMalaria project

openMalaria is an open source C++ program for simulating malaria epidemiology and the impacts on that epidemiology of interventions against malaria.
It is based on microsimulations of Plasmodium falciparum malaria in humans, originally developed for simulating malaria vaccines and described here.

openMalaria binary is run by more than 65000 users, members of a BOINC community that you can join here.

We downloaded the openMalaria C++ source code and, applying a few local changes, we reached a 20 % speed gain on our servers.

What if openMalaria had been coded in Cawen ?

Our optimization proposals have been transmitted to the openMalaria maintainers.

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