software development

Tailored to fit your needs

Versatility, development and operating costs reduction, high performance code, Green IT: whatever your goal, Melvenn puts its expertise at the service of your company through three types of offerings.

Efficient software development and optimization of existing systems

Melvenn has developed Cawen, a language the philosophy of which is best described with two words: efficiency and expressiveness.

Your project is highly demanding in execution time and/or memory consumption: based on our tests, Cawen is performing better than C++ under both criteria. Reducing the use of the machine resources while reducing the execution times leads to a dramatical reduction of the power consumption of your application.
That is why Melvenn decided to join the GreenIT initiative and actively participate in the Green Code Lab.

Melvenn’s expertise enables us to optimize an application that is reaching its limits:

  • Optimization of source code / DBMS
  • Rewriting
  • Migration

We will help you choose amongst the varied avenues for improvement, and roll out the solution best suited to your needs at the best cost.

Projects Outsourcing

Melvenn handles part or the totality of your project from conception to maintenance.  Your company hires the services of engineers with a rich and wide technical and functional experience.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Melvenn develops a tailored solution, hosts it on our servers and maintains it. We set up an error monitoring system.
Only the client application is installed on your servers.

You have not purchased software, you do not maintain an application: you subscribe to a service.

Your company can respond quickly to new needs without significant investment and with an optimum visibility on maintenance costs.