Our philosophy

The efficiency of simplicity

We believe that providing the best service to our clients is our best promotion.

We commit to build a relationship of trust through:

  • Compliance with specifications and deadlines
  • Frankness in our advice: the first option is not always the best
  • Simplicity in our exchanges: no jargon, no bluff,
  • The quality of our deliverables

We provide daily proof that our interests and our customers’ are intertwined.

Experienced developers

Our developers have gathered each over 10 years’ experience on a wide range of projects serving diverse functional areas: finance, electronic banking, transport, distribution, CRM …

Our technology expertise spans C / C + +, Java, Perl, Python, PHP, C #, Pascal, xslt, shell, gnu m4, ANTLR. We are proficient in Oracle & MySQL DBMS.