Comparing web solutions (on the server side)

Assessing different ways to build a web page

The principle is simple :

  • we describe what the web page must display
  • we present the test protocol
  • we evaluate as many implementations as possible. All technologies, all languages and all http servers are welcome. For each of these we publish these figures :
  1. The number of lines of the corresponding source files
  2. The average amount of memory used by the solution during the test (we use the free command return values)
  3. The number of requests processed per second (or the global execution time of the test)
  4. The average CPU usage during the test
  5. The corresponding power consumption

If you want to participate, you can propose your own version of an existing web page or a new web page, protocol and results.

We will rerun your solution on our server :

ubuntu 3.5.0-17-generic / 5,4 Go / AMD E1-12000 APU / 64 bits /  gcc 4.7.2

Benchmark A : plotting four curves extracted from two data files

Functional requirement

The web page must display four curves (2 for raw figures and 2 for moving average) whose spots are extracted from two files. Please find more details here.


Everything you need to reproduce our figures can be found here. The protocol is available in the script.


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