Exclusive technology

Our language Cawen is dedicated to your data processing. Compared to standard languages such as C++ or Java, Cawen offers :

  • execution time substantially better
  • memory consumption reduced.
  • Optimum adaptability

Gains for your applications:

improved performance
  • operating and maintenance costs durably reduced
  • energy optimization of your applications in the context of Green IT
  • a code quickly adaptable to your future needs

Why Cawen ?

We built our team on 2 findings :

encoding / decoding / integrating data processes are pervasive in information systems
  • standard solutions commonly sacrifice either development speed/flexibility or technical efficiency as they fail to meet both these criteria simultaneously

and 1 challenge: it is possible to combine syntactic simplicity and performance.

Originally designed as a data integration software, Cawen has grown into a versatile, all purposes language. 
Cawen can now advantageously substitute to C++ in all its uses, thanks to its standard library Govel.


  • Cawen does not positione itself as a successor of C. It differs in this respect from Objective C or C++. Cawen’s ambition is not to suggest evolutions to C language that one day, maybe, would be commited. Cawen is more modestly an assistant in your C coding.
  • Cawen is not an object-oriented language : It is a generic programming and development tool
  • Everything goes during  preprocessing : there is no runtime processing.
  • Cawen is based on a much more powerfull macro language than C preprocessor : our own version of Gnu m4 language.

From Cawen to C

The following diagram shows the producing workflow of our deliverables (C source code and/or executable file)  :

Cawen's transcoding workflow

Cawen’s transcoding workflow